Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tell me bout the good ole days!

When a missionary travels to raise the budget there are so many experiences, enough to write a book many times over! Denny returned to the states from Costa Rica to close out our Phoenixville apartment and to preach a couple of services.

When we booked the service in the Poconos we had no idea what joy it would bring. We attended Zion Bible Institute in the seventies. While I was on staff at the school after I graduated, one of the professors was stricken with cancer. She taught most, if not all of the Children's Evangelism classes. They asked me to fill in for her. All I had was a thimble full of experience and Sister Messerlian's teaching notes. I went at it with a passion! In that freshmen class was a student that I love, her name is Dawn Sheridan Kollar. She is a pastor with her husband and is still the Children's Pastor after many years!

In the service she introduced us and made mention of that very fact. I had just a little bit of influence on her! God is so good.

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