Monday, March 18, 2013

a handy prayer tool

One of the reasons A/G missionaries itinerate, travel from church to church, is not only to raise their approved budget but also to raise their prayer support. Without money we cannot go, without prayer we might as well not go.

So at each service the missionary passes out their prayer cards and it is a quick handy tool to bring the missionaries face and family before the people who will pray. Recently when visiting a church a lady pulled out our very first prayer card from her Bible. I was stunned to see that she still had it. She said I still pray for you. Now that's what it's all about!

We finally received our new prayer cards today. They have been in process for weeks. This particular card was a hard one for me to make, the kids aren't on this one. That was hard for me. Ryan and Renee said, Mom they are going to be circulating for the next four years, we are not going with you to Costa Rica, so don't let it make you feel bad! You and Dad will look great! OK I guess they do look OK like the first one we made, long before we had our treasures...Ryan and Renee.

The first one in 1985.

The second one in 2001 or thereabouts!

The third one in 2004 or thereabouts!

The fourth one in 2008.


Thursday, March 7, 2013 heart is blessed....I love the people God has brought our way!

Tonight was spectacular. Not because of anything but because of God's finest creation...people.
Since we have been at VFCC I prepare a meal for the students that remain at the college during breaks. They are missionary kids, kids that don't have family or funds to get home, kids that stay to really hammer out some class work that they are behind in. They are hungry! There were 23 eager to eat tonight.

I call it the "ryan dinner" because I wish someone had done a meal for my boy when we were in Jamaica for 4 yers and he was stuck on campus during many school breaks. It is my way of giving back in just a small way. The students can't say thank you enough. I asked them what they have been eating and they say Ramen noodles! Now that is not sufficient!

Tonight was taco night. They ate every last drop! Tacos, Chips and Salsa and brownies, lots of brownies and Easter candy kisses.

We received an extra blessing when Patrick Collins facebooked a message saying he was in Philadelphia! Patrick is from Haiti and came to Jamaica for his Bible College training. When the earthquake hit his country his mother and little brother was killed. We ran to the college to sit by his side and weep. We went daily during that holiday break when he was all alone at the college suffering in silence. He was not able to get home to Haiti for almost 2 years after that. He is a pastor today in Haiti and an anointed man of God.

So tonight was extra special to have him at the meal too! He had never had a taco. This was his first!

His eyes were wide when John, the security officer and Denny took him on a tour of the college. He kept repeating, "this is so big"! Compared to our Jamaican Bible College it is enormous!

As I lay my head on my pillow tonight I hope I can sleep. My heart is so full. God is so very good.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

...He's working the plan even when we don't see it....

Something wonderful happened today. When we signed on for the new Costa Rica assignment there were lots of details that only God would be able to work! We had our plan designed for the next few years of our ministry. God has changed our plan to be His plan! But with His plan came many challenges. Financial ones and most of all leaving Renee at 16 years of age. But again God comes through in amazing colors! He is so good.

A few months ago we mentioned our dilemma to one of the pastors here in the area that had us come for a service. He and his wife took it to heart and to prayer and through a lady in their church, God has provided a place for Renee and me to stay for the month of August since the apartment lease ends July 31 and also a home for Renee while we are gone and she is here in VFCC. We are overwhelmed!

Eveline invited her pastor and wife and us to tea today. Her purpose was for us to see the house and to make the arrangements. We are more than pleased for our new accomodations! She has a three story home and we will reside on the third floor. Oh God is so very good! Renee can feel at home during her school years, her college breaks, even for a weekend away when she needs it!

Eveline is a pastors daughter, she understands. She has also been to many countries and understands missions as well. She told Denny that opening her home is her way of supporting our ministry and supporting Renee. How does God do that? He amazes me daily through His children.

Eveline made scones, english butters (chocolate, strawberry, orange, brown sugar and devonshire cream), she even decorates her sugar cubes for the tea. We felt as if we were traveling through England like we did many years ago!

Another detail of this move finished and off our minds. He continues to make His path known and all we have to do is trust His plan.