Monday, January 28, 2013


This is our code prayer these days! 5X15X5. When we accepted the new assignment to direct Cincel we knew that God would have to do a financial miracle in order for Denny to take residence in Costa Rica May 5, 2013. Last week he attended a ministers meeting and after worship and prayer God gave him the code! He came home so excited saying, "This is how we need to pray" 5X15X5. So each day we do just that and have asked others to do the same. Here is a little email he sent out this week. God is doing it. God will receive all the praise for the miracle that is happening to get us to Costa Rica in His time!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

...still Christmas....

I have always had the sense that it is impossible to see and do everything related to Christmas before Christmas Day! I really like it when special holiday things continue after Christmas. I mean not to long after but at least till January 6th! With decorating, baking, shopping, wrapping, company parties, Church programs before Christmas, I like to take everything in after Christmas!

This year we saw enough Christmas lights to last a lifetime!

Brad Peck here in Phoenixville made yesterday special for us. Dad Seler was a railroader and he always put a train around the Christmas tree, complete with the pond, the houses, the picket fences and so on.

When we were married, Dad gave us our first train. Denny, through the years, has done the same thing. When the children came, our village got larger, more involved and took more time to accomplish. It definitely would be an all day, into the evening project!

Since we went to New England for Christmas I didn't put up a Christmas tree so when I saw the article in the paper about Brad Peck's Christmas Village I knew we had to get it on the calendar. He started the village for his grandson years ago and now the adult grandson works on the village with him. It is in the basement of a house that he has designed like a barn, really just a small space, but many people come at no charge.

He gives each a gift, the book by Josh McDowell, More than a Carpenter.