Wednesday, September 4, 2013

one last Jamaica presentation!

The fourth Sunday of the month is BGMC Sunday. Grace A/G asked me to take the 2 services for the kid's church and present Jamaica. What an honor.

On Saturday Renee and I searched out a Jamaican restaurant so that the children could actually taste something authentic. I can make lots of Authentic things but I didn't have the time and didn't want to buy all the ingredients since I was leaving so soon thereafter! We found rice and peas for the children! Ginger snaps and Ginger Ale was on the menu of the day. Ginger is a key ingredient in Jamaican cuisine.

I had stations throughout the gymnasium. First we went to the beach. There I showed the map of Jamaica, had a little island education. Shells, sea glass, sea urchins, mahagony wooden carvings, seed necklaces and items like that.

Then we went to the political party station. Jamaica has 2. The Jamaica Labor Party and The People's National Party. One wears green, the other orange. I had noise makers and really play acted what it is like in a political setting.

Then we went to school! I had many of Renee's things from school and also gave a lesson in Patois. 2 Teenagers put on Renee's uniforms. It was a great station.

Then we went to the sports station. I did a presentation on Usain Bolt and had put down tape to make sprint lanes. The children had to run like Bolt and win like Bolt! That was really fun. After all the running, we went to the kitchen station for rice and peas and the ginger things. I had a ginger root for them to touch and smell. I also told the difference between green peas which Jamaica doesn't use and the kidney beans which they do use.

After that I gave the spiritual side of Jamaica and the use of BGMC funds. It was an exciting day!

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