Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What could make July 4th better?

The only thing to make a day better is for the family to be together! Ryan and Lauren came by Mega Bus July 4th in the afternoon and stayed through Saturday! We had a whirlwind of a weekend. We made every moment count! God is so good.

The first thing we did after picking them up was for Lauren to taste a Phillie Cheesesteak! She liked them. We bought some from famous Pats and famous Ginos! They are 2 restaurants where you eat outside right across from each other. I wonder if they are brothers or simply competition!

We went to the fireworks, we ate and ate some more. We spent time swimming, laughing, teasing and missing Daddy! They pulled away Saturday morning much to our dismay! So many memories to put in my bank to draw from!

I love a parade!

I love July 4th! The day is not long enough for me. I look forward to everything about our Independence day. I love the food, family, the fireworks, the swimming, the festivities, especially the parade! Not having seen a parade for 5 years, I was really looking forward to this years! I was part of a marching band from 7th grade through 12th. Maybe that's why I really need a parade!

When we close out the apartment July 31, Denny will return to Costa Rica and Renee and I will stay with a lovely lady on High Street in Pottstown. A beautiful home. A beautiful Christian. She is hospitable and uses her gifts to care for people! I am so excited that we will have a place to stay and to think that the place we are staying is marvelous.

On July 4, she invites her church family for a porch picnic to watch the parade that goes right by her house in Pottstown. We had so much fun! She invited us for a sleepover on July 3. We prepped some of the food and had a ball.

On July 4th the people began to arrive around 9 and the parade was at 10. Boy did we feast! what a great day!

A dream come true....

Denny and I have prayed for our children's spouses all their lives. We could have only dreamed of our new daughter! Lauren Quackenbush is perfect for Ryan. She is gentle. She has a beautiful spirit. She is musical. She teases him as he teases her. She has a beautiful smile. She loves our son. That means the world to us. She is smart. She is kind. She is a give-er. She is patient. She was in our dreams before we even knew her name. We are more than excited for the wedding day. It is truly a dream come true. We give God all the praise!

I have 2 people waiting for me in Costa Rica!

Well actually a person and a puppy! But I guess I can call her a person, I mean she has feelings, a heart that ticks, and love, lots of love! Denn said she is a joy! I believe he isn't as lonely as before! She is good company.

Who is this second person, puppy I am writing about and haven't even met in person yet? Her name is LLo~LLo. It is pronounced Joe Joe! In Spanish a double ll is pronounced rough like Joe. In Spain it is a soft sound like YO. So if I take her to Spain her name becomes YO~YO! Oh I love her so much already!

I have only met her on Skype. I think she is becoming acquainted with my voice, at least I hope so. I sure do hope Denn brings her to the airport to get me in August. Some people arrive with balloons, others with bouquets, me....I wanna hug LLo~LLo! Well I really want to hug Denn first and LLo~LLo second!

LLo~LLo is trilingual! She comes from Korean missionaries that are leaving the country. She speaks Spanish and she also speaks English, though not as well. She is so smart.