Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I love a parade!

I love July 4th! The day is not long enough for me. I look forward to everything about our Independence day. I love the food, family, the fireworks, the swimming, the festivities, especially the parade! Not having seen a parade for 5 years, I was really looking forward to this years! I was part of a marching band from 7th grade through 12th. Maybe that's why I really need a parade!

When we close out the apartment July 31, Denny will return to Costa Rica and Renee and I will stay with a lovely lady on High Street in Pottstown. A beautiful home. A beautiful Christian. She is hospitable and uses her gifts to care for people! I am so excited that we will have a place to stay and to think that the place we are staying is marvelous.

On July 4, she invites her church family for a porch picnic to watch the parade that goes right by her house in Pottstown. We had so much fun! She invited us for a sleepover on July 3. We prepped some of the food and had a ball.

On July 4th the people began to arrive around 9 and the parade was at 10. Boy did we feast! what a great day!

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